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The Research and Development Compartment at DALT is currently comosed of over 10 people (staff, PhD, MSc and undergraduate students) with high experience in hardware and software project development.

Our research team has been awarded at many national and international R&D contests (Suceava 2000 - Romania, Suceava 1999 - Romania, etc.)

The Research and Development Compartment at DALT approaches important topics on Digital Signal Processing and Data Aqusition Systems using Motorola technology.

First Term of DALT Grants (1999 - 2000)

A first set of projects, developed in close collaboration with the Motorola SPS - Core Technology Center, was successfully accomplished during July 2000.
Project 1.1 "Integrating the DSP563xx in Distributed Computing Environments"
Project 1.2 "Interfacing a Data Acquisition System to the DSP56303"
Project 1.3 "Simple Real-time SONAR with DSP56824"
Project 1.4 "ECP Standard Parallel Interface for DSP56300 Devices"

Second Term of DALT Grants (2000 - 2001)

The second set of Motorola-DALT application projects has been launched, partly as new topics and the others as further development of previous projects.
Project 2.2 "Self-guided Robot Using SONAR with the Motorola EVM"
Project 2.3 "Real-time MPEG-Layer 3 Decoder with the DSP56824"
Project 2.4 "DSP-based Face Recognition System"
Project 2.5 "Real-time Person Tracking System"
Project 2.6 "DSP-based Audio Effects Processor"

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