International Computers Students' Contest
Hard&Soft 2005 Suceava

"A Lift (elevator) Controller"


Your task is to design, develop, demonstrate, and report on at least three solutions for a lift (elevator) controller.

One solution must be hardware and one a GUI driven software simulation the third can be either hard or soft or a hybrid (but must, of course, be significantly different to the other two.)

The task is a controller not the motors, actuators and sensors themselves, so you can assume that all input and output signals are at logic levels, but you must include all the usual signals associated with actuation, indicators, floor and cage buttons and safety.

You are not constrained to any particular hardware technology or software language, you may use anything that is available here in Suceava either provided by the contest organizers or scavenged by yourselves. The availability of hardware components is understandably limited to 74 series digital electronics, EPROM and PIC microprocessor. Software solutions are less constrained because you have access to the university network and beyond to the Internet and www.

We suggest that you approach the task in two stages, initially work with only two floors to generate a simple solution, and then extend to three or more floors.

As a final opportunity, for extra credit, you are encouraged to work on an extension to your work, either a simple physical model of a lift connected to your controller(s) or a software solution to the control of multiple lift shafts.

This is a student competition; your Faculty mentor is only allowed to work with you in your workspace till lunchtime on the first morning.

Your workspace is fully equipped with laboratory equipment and network access; you have access to components and other shared resources. You may use your own laptops etc. but may not connect them to the network.

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